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What is your work philosophy?

we work to have leisure, on which happiness  depends – Aristotle

Wither you are a lawyer, business executive, or HR or a baker, no matter what your job is; you will be working according to a certain philosophy, in early times jobs were created based on a concept for serving a need for a neighbor who could be living one mile or a million mile away because “God doesn’t need our good works” but “our neighbors does”

We started to create communities, professions & revolutionary systems of services to serve you on the go, where ever you are, and we started to forget about why did we choose to serve each others, we have computerized our work force to work in a detailed process; but are leaders and managers translating the company philosophy that has a long predefined well key missions,values?

the ugly truth is no; managers & leaders are just people who have many employees reporting to them; even more of reports & meetings to be held with their senior level managers; they care mostly about your actual work; wither you do it correctly or not, under a common system of KPIs with different models and set of targets off-course. 

While that’s a good model if you are working in a restaurant where your only task is to greet visitors; its still really bad if you are working under a chain system according to a complicated enough procedures to achieve certain targets that you have no idea; why are you doing it that way rather than the other 100 easy-smarter way.


Although management at this point could be having a very well justification why the process is made that way; why we value/measure your efforts that way; why you need to do that task and this thing in this very particular way, but because they failed to translate these values and key missions to you clearly; they failed to explain their work philosophy to you.

so if I can summarize my experience  which  included  being elected as an ambassador from 2 years at a multinational company(which is a committee position based on team elections) beside my actual work to ensure these values and missions are translated well; I strongly believe that every manager, leader or even senior level should be understanding his company values and missions clearly; understand it’s philosophy, ensure transparency is applied and most importantly, build a trust level between you and your employees.

Watson Wyatt study in 2002 proved thatTotal Return to Shareholders for organizations with high trust is almost 3x higher than organizations with low trust


you maybe working to earn money; chasing a dream or only because you are good at what you do and you love doing it; but always remember the philosophy behind all that is serving each others; because you might be Beethoven but with no people to listen, your music will die with you! we are serving each other’s because we need each other’s, wither inside a team, or a company or even the neighbor who is living just next to you! 


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